Tuesday, 7 January 2014

veggie patch

I have a little vegie garden, actually it's more of a veranda/container garden. Here's some of what I'm growing.
Micro Greens, Lettuce, Wheat Grass and Aristotle Basil

Celery, Basil, Perennial Coriander and Mizuna.

I also have lots of other things growing that I'll share with you soon. My little garden is grown organically and I love the idea of growing as much as I can so I know what's going into my food. At the moment it's mainly herbs and salad greens.

The picture of the micro greens (above) was taken a couple of weeks ago. I've been harvesting them and here's what they look like on the table.

Basil, Rocket, Purple Cabbage and Kale.

It was so worth the effort as they are super tasty! Yes I'll be growing more of these......

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