Saturday, 18 January 2014

Gluten Free Tuna Piadina

Earlier this week I found Jamie Oliver's "Save with Jamie" on sale in a local shop. I'd watched a few episodes of the TV series and the book was a must have. Tonight I attempted my favourite recipe from the episodes I watched, Jamie's Tuna Melt Piadina, but with a few variations. 

A Piadina is a toasted flat bread, and being gluten intolerant I thought I'd give it a crack with some gluten free self raising flour and I made a few adjustments to the filling according to my taste.

The Piadina is basically self raising flour and water. Next time I'd be inclined to add a little oil as the gluten free flour made it a little dry.  Once combined the flour mix is kneaded and rolled into a ball then flattened to fit the base of an 18cm non stick fry pan. It's cooked for several minutes on both sides until puffy and golden brown. Once cooked its sliced thru the middle to create 2 discs. 

This is the flat bread in the pan, sorry the photos a little blurred! 

For the filling I used tuna, cannellini beans, brown onion, cheddar, smooth feta, garlic chives and thyme. These were all mixed together in a bowl.

I put a light coating of organic Dijon mustard on one side of the flat bread before adding the tuna mix and putting the whole thing back in the pan until the cheese in the mix was melted. 

Served with a side salad of grape tomatoes and lettuce the only thing left to do was enjoy..... 

For Jamie Oliver's version of this you'll need to buy the cook book which is full of some amazingly simple but tasty recipes. 

Thanks for the inspiration Jamie. 

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