Wednesday, 1 January 2014

where there's magic

Someone recently said to me that they'd been told that somewhere between 15 and 21 magic leaves our lives and they wondered why this happens. My immediate thought was that the magic never leaves us what changes is our ability to recognise it.
But what is the magic that we have in childhood. For me it's a childhood sense of wonderment; the ability to see that which most adults are blind to, like the amazing colours around trees and people. The dreams of flying, the imaginary friend and the ability to conjure up all kinds of things, and an incredible sense of knowing. Somewhere in our teen years life gets complicated, hormones take over and the world clouds our perception. By the time adulthood arrives life is so busy that it's gone.
I remember as a child seeing colours around people and then there was the animal that wasn't physically there that sometimes settled on my bed at night.
Somewhere along the way I lost my magic, but I found it again in my 30's when I began to understand the universe a little better and slowly began to realise the power that I could have over my own life. But looking back on the middle years the magic was always there I just didn't see it.
So what is magic for me now? It's seeing the unseen, sometimes knowing what is to happen or be said before it actually is and the ability to sometimes manifest a thought into something, and most of all its good old fashioned intuition.
Magic is all around us we only need to open our hearts and minds to it, embrace it and let it happen in our lives.... 

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